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A place where international students living in Ishikawa can post about local events and points of interest throughout the year.


Htet Htet Hlaing|Myanmar
2020/3/2 11:45

Enchanted Kaga Tour

I've experienced a wonderful tour last week around the Kaga region which is located in the southwestern part of Ishikawa Prefecture which is famous for its many onsen resorts and Mt.Hakusan which is one of Japan’s three most famous mountains.

Among all the spots, Natadera Temple is the best spot for me which is relaxed, peaceful and in touch with the nature. The temple's grounds are so spacious, pleasant and the magnificent scenery of strangely formed rocks and big moss beds under all the big trees make it a great place to visit.

We could know about Kaga, Ishikawa is an area known for its traditional arts and crafts at Kutanimangetsu (食事処まんげつ) and experience about Kutani ware (九谷焼, Kutani-yaki) which is a style of Japanese traditional porcelain with over-glaze painting plates and vases. And then we had a chance to try our lunch with Japanese style vegetable dishes put in these elegance Kutani ware.

The next spot is Sake Brewery and there are a lot of refreshing and delicious sake which are definitely worth a try.

We enjoyed a fresh walk along Yuge street which is Yamanaka Onsen’s main street and then we arrived at Kakusenkei Gorge, the must-see attraction in Yamanaka Onsen where you can appreciate the beauty of the waterfalls and the unique rock formations accentuating the deep blue pools of water.

The final spot is Cape of Kasa. The ocean view from the cape with its cliff is breathtaking. It is perfect scenic spot where the great panoramic prospects of the Sea of Japan open out from side to side from the tip of cape. A stroll around the lighthouse of white wall and the blue sea create beautiful contrast.

Special thanks to Ishikawa Prefectural Government for organizing and having us for this wonderful Ishikawa Monitor Tour around the Kaga region.

  1. Lim Jae Sy/Singapore より:

    Lovely photos! Especially the one of Natadera Temple. I’m a fan <3


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