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A place where international students living in Ishikawa can post about local events and points of interest throughout the year.


Gulnaz Usmanova|Russia
2019/2/22 23:16

Ishikawa Monitor Tour (石川魅力発信モニターツアー)

Such a great time with Kaga monitor tour! We visited a lot of interesting spots such as Yunokuni no mori (ゆのくにの森)、Irohasoan (いろは草庵)、 Shirayama-hime shrine (白山比咩神社) etc.
We could enjoy morning sake trying in Dainichizakari sake museum and beautiful crafts in Kutani-yaki museum. Also we had incredible Ryokan stay in Yamanaka hot spring resort. You can take a rest and see beautiful nature during tee ceremony. It was a wonderful trip, thank you!


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