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A place where international students living in Ishikawa can post about local events and points of interest throughout the year.


Danilo Silva|Brazil
2016/7/28 19:26

Making gold leaf products in Kanazawa

This was a very interesting activity to take part. This time we went to the Imai Kinpaku (今井金箔) store, and there we received instruction on how to decorate objects with the Kanazawa's famous "gold leaf". Those are extremely thin (around 100μm) metallic sheets made of a gold/silver/copper alloy. They are very delicate and require a precise technique to work with.

With the help of the instructors, we were able to make decorated mirror boxes, using a selection of tools and materials provided on the store.
The experience was excellent and the results were satisfying. The store also has a huge selection of gold leaf items to cover many different tastes and uses. Anyone looking to know more about this special kind of art will have a good time there.


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