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A place where international students living in Ishikawa can post about local events and points of interest throughout the year.


Teddy Jodon|France
2015/11/15 17:27

Ishikawa Tour, eating in Noto

We had all in all 3 culinary stops during our tour, but the food was really similar so I’ll just make a big general post.
The food in Noto is diverse and the meals are well-balanced and nutritive with very exotic food that you probably wouldn’t eat in other parts of Japan. In that sense, they are extremely traditional: ember-roasted fishes, interesting vegetables, kaki and so on. The food may seem to be small when spread out on the plate between the different bowls but it’s deceptively filling. However, due to the land agriculture and traditional uses, the meat is non-existent. Japan has always been a country where fishing has prevailed over cattle breeding due to the size of the territory and the continuous access to the seas and you can definitely feel it in your plate while in Noto, where dishes make up for the lack of meat by being extremely fish reliant. I think I should highlight this fact for those who have problems with seafood.
The meal are traditionally and quickly served by dedicated waitresses and eating is a pleasure while in company of the natives who are always eager to share stories about the region around a good beer. Overall a good and rather fascinating experience.


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