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A place where international students living in Ishikawa can post about local events and points of interest throughout the year.


2016/7/13 10:28

You will love it...

When it comes to food, if you think Japan is only about sushi and are probably mistaken. Ishikawa prefecture is loaded with a lot many different culinary delights than you can imagine. Last week I was in Noto, and got to taste the traditional Japanese food. Its rally so amazing to see the variety in flavor and taste that one can experience from the same old base with different way of cooking. I saw the all pervading mizo in entirely different appearances. Its not only in soup my can be your can be your desert...and it can be your starter also. Being a food explorer, I had picked up some tips and tricks to cook mizo, but after the noto trip, I really saw what all culinary marvels you can perform with the same old mizo. This combined with the traditional japanese tofu and are surely in for a wonderful treat!!!!!!! The popular and fruity sake, the fresh fruits and obviously the sea ought to experience it...

  1. Olena/Uktaine より:

    Traditional style food in Noto, Ishikawa. The traditional Japanese food here is not just about taste, it’s a piece of art, where which season is represented in special set of dishes. Grilled fish on wooden stick, summer vegetables, sweets and fruits are in perfect garmony with summer mood. Once my Japanese mentor told me, that local people believe, taste of food on 90% depends on its outlook, so people keep it as a rule till now. If you get a chance, don’t miss homestaying experience anIshikawa local food.


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