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 An endeavour started by Ishikawa Prefecture in 1998, which aims at continuing exchanges between prefectural inhabitants and foreign nationals who have resided in Ishikawa either as students or trainees, on March 31st 2014, there are 3,194 registered members from 79 countries.
 As a member of the Ishikawa Alumni Association, you can now exchange information with people who have lived in Ishikawa as students or trainees, and have retained their feelings for Ishikawa after returning home on the IAA homepage. You can also get the newest information about Ishikawa Prefecture from our official newsletter, Alumni News , email news, and Ishikawa Links on our homepage.


IAA News

Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange held Ishikawa alumni association symposium for commemoration of 20 years establishment

On October 20th Ishikawa Alumni Association composed of foreign students, trainees, JET program participants and professionals who have experience of living in Ishikawa prefecture, held its Symposium at Kanazawa Miyako Hotel in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Ishikawa Foundation of International Exchange (IFIE).

Almost 15 years have passed since Ishikawa Alumni Association has been founded in 1998. The first Symposium since foundation of the Association was held with the support of Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR).

50 participants and their family members came from both Japan and other countries at their expense.

After the addresses from IFIE director Mr. Tanishi, representative of Tanimoto governor Ishikawa prefecture International Exchange Section Leader Mr. Kijima and board chairman of CLAIR Ms.Kimura, Kanazawa University Vice-president Mr. Yamazaki delivered a keynote speech on the topic “Foreign students in Ishikawa and expectations towards Ishikawa Alumni Association”.

After that 5 Association members took part in a panel discussion on the topic “Aims of Ishikawa Alumni Association”

Here is the summary of what participants said.

Zhou Hang (China) Representative Director of Hokuriku University (former Kanazawa University student)

I am extremely thankful for the insurance allowances from Kanazawa city and scholarships from Ishikawa prefecture aimed at the privately funded foreign students.

I receive mails from the Association monthly. At the same time I believe that Association members should be more active, exchange information and promote further cooperation.

Yi Buyong (South Korea) Postgraduate at Tokyo University (former IJSP (Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program) participant)

Three propositions for the Association

① Expanding Exchange possibilities for IJSP participants. In the case of Korean University of Foreign Studies we uphold the vertical connection between junior and senior students through writing memoirs. Likewise, I believe, we need more communication with other groups of students (horizontal connection) as well as Kanazawa and Hokuriku Universities during our participation in IJSP.

② Cooperation with International Exchange Organisations There are about 150 International Communication Assossiatons in Ishikawa Prefecture. At the time there a lived in Ishikawa i have had the opportunity to do exchange with the people from the Kanadara Kurabu.If If you are able to have an interaction with this type of association, the activity of bilateral integration becomes more active.

③Learnig from past alumni association activities There was a classmate in IJSP (Ishikawa Japanese Studies Center) that come to study japanese throught the relashionship of his father who was a member of Hakusan Association (Ex Ishikawa Overseas Technical Trainee Cooperation Program Member). I expect that the association grow ever more through the effort that has been done until now by its members.

Nikhil Renade (India) CLAIR Programme Coordinator (Ex CIR from Ishikawa)

Ishikawa Alumni Association was founded with the objective of keep the connection and relations of its members with Ishikawa. Now began the implementation phase of the activities that are expected from the association.

Through a wide divulgation of the Ishikawa Alumni Association, the scope and possibilities of the association also extend. So I think that has to be carried out a dissemination of information related to the Alumni Association.

I believe that there could be a support system for the divulgation activities performed by the members of the association in order to increase our motivation.

Daniel Lee (Australia) Kantar Japan (Ex CIR from Ishikawa)

For informations of Ishikawa Alumni Association are being used the home page and e-mail. The next challenge is know how to handle this information and i think it would be good if we use the SNS (Social Network Service).

I think that would be interesting also to offer periodically Japanese language readings (Hiragana Times, Nihongo Journal etc)

Sergey Rybkin (Russia) Mitsui & CO. Moscow LLC (Ex CIR From Ishikawa)

As activity of the alumni association I think it is important not justlook back to the past realizations, is important to pass to the people about our activities at the present moment too.

Also it would be good if we could exchange between the members information about happenings and trends of our countries that are not very known thus increasing the exchange.

This organization was made for keep relation, we must not lose the mutual interest.

Yamazaki Koetsu Vice President of Kanazawa University (advisor)

I think that may be necessary periodic meetings and information exchange as activities of the Alumni Association.

Tanishi Shuji Ishikawa Foudation for International Exchange Managing Director (moderator)

I would like to establish the objective of hold an event of Alumni association following the opening of the Olympic Games every 4 years, and also to each year of 5 years of Ishikawa International Foundation establishment anniversary celebration.

And more, as stated by Zhou Hang, I also think it is important the individual and independent activity of each member for self, I will propose the elections for president and vice president of the Alumni Association.

As a result, one president and two vice-presidents were elected.

President: Zhou Hang, Hokuriku University Managing Director (Chinese nationality, ex-student of Kanazawa University)

Vice-president: Son Yuje, Kanazawa Convention Bureau MICE Coordinator (Korean nationality, ex-student of Kanazawa University)

Vice-president: Tobias Justin, Hokuriku University International Center (Australian nationality, ex-interantional coordinator in Ishikawa Prefecture)   

We are planning to put regional general managers in several countries in the future so I would like to hold consultations with the president and vice presidents about the activities to be performed, agreements, terms of office of the officers and etc.

Were discussed at the Alumni Association meeting the topics described in the report above.

Finally, the Ishikawa Alumni Association Reception held after the international symposium had the presence of a large number of people which the members received favor during the period of stay in Ishikawa and friends and became an opportunity for harmonic and warm interaction.